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Embark on a captivating three-day community and classical expressions of Palakkad. This meticulously crafted tour aims to showcase the mesmerizing richness and vibrant essence of Palakkad, leaving you enchanted and inspired. Get ready for a truly immersive journey through breath-taking landscapes, captivating folklore, mouth-watering cuisine, captivating art forms, and fascinating stories that encapsulate the essence of this enchanting region.

Day 01

Start your day with breakfast from your respective hotel/homestay. The activities for this day are as follows:

Engaging with the ‘Ambalavasi’ community- 01:00hrs

Our trail begins with visiting the ancient temples of Thiruvalathur or Kachamkurissi and meeting the communities living around its vicinities- Ambalavasis. They are a community, in ancient times in-charge of taking care of the day-to-day activities of the temple. Most of the people in the community are expert garland makers beholding a unique pattern not known to many. Encounter one such community and get a demonstration on garland making and the challenges they face.

Meeting the traditional architects of percussion instruments- 01:00hrs

An interactive session with the makers of traditional percussion instruments of Kerala. This community has been in this trade since time immemorial. Here, you shall comprehend the various steps involved in the making of instruments like tabla, mridangam, maddalam, edakka, etc.

Lunch on a farmstead

Post meeting the instrument makers, we shall head to a farmstead and take you on a plantation walk introducing you to the various spices, herbs, and plantations cultivated here. After the walk, we shall arrange a small cooking demonstration of local dishes prepared out of the herbs and spices acquainted with the plantation. This shall be followed by lunch at the same venue.

 Visiting a traditional Kerala Tharavadu- Naalu Kettu

As the day winds down, we arrive at Palliyil Tharavadu, a majestic ancestral home steeped in history. This architectural marvel, over a century old, showcases the traditional Kerala style known as "Naalu Kettu." Immerse yourself in the warm hospitality of the Tharavadu’s residents as they guide you through the property's wonders. Additionally, prepare to be amazed by a culinary demonstration of homemade snacks such as "poruvilnkaya," "manoharam," "panakam," and more.

Be a part of the Chuttu-Vilakku; a communal oil lamp ceremony in a temple

To further enrich your cultural experience, we'll visit a nearby temple to witness the mesmerizing tradition of "Chuttu Vilakku," the enchanting lighting of lamps around the sacred site. As you revel in the ambiance, treat your ears to the soul-stirring melodies of "Sopana Sangeetham," a classical music form accompanied by the resonating beats of the "Idakka" drum.


Experiencing Panchavadhyam

Panchavadhyam is a temple art form. It consists of five different instruments thimila, maddalam, idakka, kombu, and elathalam respectively. This ensemble is unique to Kerala and is believed to have flourished from Palakkad. It progresses from a mellow tone and gradually takes you into high notes of trance.

Conclude the day with a journey back to your hotel/ homestay and dinner thereafter.

 Day 02

Start your day with breakfast from your respective hotel/homestay. The activities for this day are as follows:

Encounter with Kathakali Koppu master; makers of ornamental head gears- 01:00hr

Arrive at the town of Cherupulassery. Our first activity shall be the interaction with communities making intricate Kathakali Koppu- ornamental head gears of Kathakali. Meet the only folks remaining, devoted to this craft. Get an opportunity to comprehend the designs, art, and legends less known.

Interaction with the musicians and percussionists- 01:00hr

This shall be followed by encountering the musicians and percussionists. These groups give life to the stories and characters of Kathakali through their vocals and rhythms. An interactive session shall be arranged with these artisans to learn more about their passions, practice regimes, and daily efforts they put through.

Relishing a traditional Nambudiri lunch

This shall be followed by a traditional Chathootu lunch by the Nambudiri community at an ancestral home.

 Relive the stories of Kathakali - 45 mins

Post lunch, we shall explore the architectural marvels of Nambudiri Mana and its premises. It is at this place, that Kathakali acquired a renaissance and rose to eminence as to what we know today. Understand the stories of early legends, their effort, and interesting facts about the early days of the art form from this traditional home.

Comprehend a lecture demo on Kathakali or witness a performance- 02:00hrs

Proceed to experience Cholliyattam- a rehearsal performed for Kathakali without its costumes. Here you shall understand the rigorous training methodologies that go behind the making of a Kathakali artist. Comprehend the various body movements and exercises required and an opportunity to interact with the performers.


Late evening, be ready to witness Kathakali, performed entirely by an ensemble from this same village.

Conclude the day with a journey back to your hotel/ homestay and dinner thereafter.

Day 03

Start your day with breakfast from your respective hotel/homestay. The activities for this day are as follows:

Half-Day visit to Kalamandalam; University for Traditional Arts

We shall take you on a visit to Kerala Kalamandalam, a university dedicated to the traditional art forms of Kerala. Take a walk around the campus visiting classes where you can comprehend more about the practice regimes of the traditional art forms of Kerala. Get an opportunity to meet its faculties and students.

This shall be followed by a traditional Valluvanad Lunch.


Meeting the Panan Community and their Olakudas

Post lunch, we shall introduce you to the Panan communities of the region. Marvel at their skills and craftsmanship as they showcase their artistry in crafting the "Olakkuda," a handwoven umbrella made from Palmyra leaves. Experience the intricate details and cultural significance of this traditional artifact.

 Sail along River Nila on a traditional canoe and stories of the last boatman

Continuing our journey, we reach the captivating Nila-Gayatri Sangamam, the confluence of two rivers. Allow yourself to be transported through time as you sail aboard a traditional boat, immersing yourself in the serenity and storied history that surrounds you.

Our journey concludes and transfers back to your respective hotel/ homestays and dinner thereafter.

Price for the above is about Rs. 24,500/- per pax Ex-Palakkad. You can also choose experiences from our other tour curations and customize your plan. Group discounts available .Please send us an email to on what you you would like to experience and your preferences.

Booking and Cancellation Policy
A deposit of 20% per person is required to confirm your booking. The remainder must be paid 30 days prior to arrival.
Clients are suggested to be insured to cover the costs of medical emergencies/ expenses incurred due to weather conditions, prevailing road conditions, political situations, natural calamities, change in flight schedule, mechanical malfunction, or any such unanticipated events or acts of God.
Cancellation by Traveller
In order to cancel your participation on the trip, you must provide written notification of your cancellation by email to . The date of your cancellation is the date on which we receive such notification. If you cancel your participation in the trip, the cancellation fees listed below will apply:
You can cancel your reservation for free if done before 2 PM, 21 days prior to your arrival. However, if you cancel your reservation within 21 days of your arrival, a 50% cancellation fee will be charged for the entire duration of your trip. Additionally, if you cancel within 14 days of your arrival, a 100% cancellation fee will be applied for the entire length of your trip.
If you leave a trip for any reason after it has commenced or miss any features thereon, no refunds for unused services will be made.

Cancellation by Organizer:

If the trip has to be cancelled due to unforeseen reasons by us, you will receive 100% refund or credit note issued

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