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Unlock the expressive art of Bharatanatyam with these Hastas and Rasas flashcards! Perfect for learning and practicing hand gestures and emotions, these quirky flashcards will bring your dance to life. No more fumbling for the right expression, just flip and flaunt. (Dance on, dear ones!)

Hastas & Rasas

Hasta in  Sanskrit means a hand gesture or position. In traditional Indian dance forms like Bharatnatyam, The communication through symbols is in the form of expressive gestures referred to as Hastas or Mudras .  

The flash cards in this box introduces you to the various Hastas along with the nine emotions popularly known as the Navarasas. Each card is an illustration of the hand gesture or one of the nine emotions along with  its name, meaning and pronunciation. We invite you to follow our Instagram page, where you can learn more about this ancient art form and creatively engage with these cards.

Product Specifications :

Number of Cards : 66 ( Asamyukta _ Samyukta + Navarasas ) 

Size of Cards : 9.7 cms X 9.7 cms

Outer Box : Rigid Box with magnetic opening and closing along with a satin ribbon inside  for easy accessibility of cards.

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